Board of Directors
  • » One of the visionary founders of Nilkamal Limited
  • » Degree in Inter-Science, with over 50 years of experience in the plastics industry
  • » Instrumental in establishing NilKamal as a well known name in the industry

MR. SHARAD V PAREKH, (Managing Director)
  • » Co-founder of Nilkamal Limited
  • » Degree in Inter-Commerce, with over 40 years of industrial experience
  • » Pioneered the material handling business in lndia

Mr. HITEN V. PAREKH (Executive Director)
  • » Asociated with Nilkamal since incorporation, with over 23 years of industrial experience
  • » Graduate in Commerce with Diploma in Quality Systems & Management
  • » Responsible for monitoring new project development and day-to-day operations
  • » Instrumental in launching '@home'

Mr. MANISH V. PAREKH (Executive Director)
  • » Graduate in Commerce with 17 years of relevant experience
  • » Responsible for monitoring the daily functions of the plastic furniture division and @home
  • » Looks after maintaining the company's nation-wide dealer & distributor network

Mr. NAYAN S. PAREKH (Executive Director)
  • » B.S. degree in Plastics Engineering from University oi Massachusetts (LISA) with over 15 years of experience
  • » Responsible for monitoring the manufacturing and operations of material handling section
  • » Looks after establishing company' s position in the material handling industry